Saturday, April 29, 2017

Cousin Bait!

"Cousin Bait" is a term used by genealogists meaning a way to "lure" cousins to you. When it comes to genetic genealogy people talk about "fishing in all the ponds." They mean testing with all the companies so your DNA is on every site.

One line of ancestors are from Scotland, (which means I'm frugal). Okay, I squeeze pennies so tight Lincoln screams. (I guess that's not too nice since he was a family friend---Abe got my cousin off on a murder charge---remaining Honest Abe.)

If you have a tight budget, or you are frugal, I suggest the following: have your autosomal DNA done first at Ancestry (especially if you are adopted). There is a way to exploit their program to find bio family. See my post "I'm So Confused." (Contact me on WikiTree through my profile at Shoff-7, or find me on Facebook and PM me so I can send you to a link to save on AncestryDNA test). After you have your results from AncestryDNA, transfer your raw data to FTDNA for $19 (the same I can save you if you contact me) so you will get in two ponds for the price of one. Then upload your raw data from AncestryDNA to Gedmatch.

(Note you can also transfer from 23andMe to FTDNA, but only the following versions:
  •  23andMe©V3
  • 23andMe©V4
  • AncestryDNA™V1
  • AncestryDNA™V2
At this time, you cannot transfer 23andMe©V1 or V2 results.)

Cousin Bait is marketing. 

 It can be fun and a bit time consuming. Collaborating with other genealogists, sending them emails, looking at their trees, making notes about their largest numbers of a certain surname, and referring others to them who have several of that same surname. 

Or Cousin Bait can be as simple as (my favorite), putting your Gedmatch number in your email signature. When people ask me what a Gedmatch # is, and they aren't "into" genealogy, I tell them it is the contact number I use to get in touch with my dead relatives.

Click here to for instructions to upload AncestryDNA to Gedmatch.

To learn about Abe and my cousin click here. This is my line that originated in Scotland.

Happy fishing!

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