Friday, May 12, 2017

Gedmatch: Something Every Adoptee Should Know and Great Hint for Triangulation Groups

Administrators of Multiple Accounts on Gedmatch Are Important

A great way to find administrators: On your One-to Many page, click on the up/down arrows at the top of the email column, this will sort email contacts in alphabetical order. You will be able to identify administrators immediately. They will be tied to multiple kits and all will have the same email address.

These are people you want to be on good terms with. They often (not always) manage kits for people that share the same ancestor. It is always important to make sure you provide a kit number and user name when communicating with them, as well as results you have made of one-to-one comparison for the kit. (You can copy and paste this comparison information into an email.) Administrators are busy; if you don’t provide this information, they may not reply. They are very focused people. AND they are often people with answers.
Many people who administer multiple accounts are already working with adoptees. Don't be afraid to let them know if you are adopted. They may add you to their comparison lists. Who you relate to could be the break they need to solve multiple mysteries.
Genetic genealogy is how some of them earn a living, so time is money. Avoid chit-chat in your communication. On the other hand, they may be a relative managing for family. They will often let you know in their email reply. Then-- you can chit-chat.
Also, if you conduct a Ctrl+F search and enter the letters DD in a search box, you will find people who have DD at the beginning of their user name. (Skip the Eddies.) This means they are either a seasoned DNA Detective, or they are relatively new to genetic genealogy, and learning. Many are adoptees who WELCOME any assistance you can provide. DD's are always Adoptee Friendly.
Don't hesitate to contact DD's with any information you have as soon as their DD username turns up in a triangulation or segment analysis. 
Adoptees will benefit by offering to check suspected common ancestor names by testing them in their Mirror Trees. If they don't offer ask them to help by doing this. (They will know what you mean even if you don't)
Always share your trees with DD's.



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