Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Understanding Gedmatch: One-to-Many Matches

In my opinion, (I have watched many), the following link will take you to the best explanation of the what you are looking at on the Gedmatch "One-to-Many" page. This video also shows clues about determining relationship based on amount of shared DNA. Time to watch, 3 min 44 seconds. Click here.


  1. I'm sending this to my 2 cousins. Both recently received their DNA results. One was able to invite me to view her matches. The other, not yet but still working on it. This video will help them understand what they are looking at. I did email them my instructions on how to download their DNA to their computers and then upload it to Gedmatch. Wondering if you have clearing instructions for the very new person to DNA?

    1. My post "I am so confused..." is geared to adoptees but is great for anyone. Mirror Tree info handy to have if you find a brickwall; let DNA be the guide. First and foremost read Segment-ology blog by Jim Bartlett. I wish I had read it 2 years ago when he first started posting. Then play, push buttons and keep checking in here. If you have a Brady, join the Brady Project. Everyone there is learning together and helping each other.

  2. At which company did they test? If it was Ancestry they should read post regarding "to do" list. Build their tree and communicate with their matches. The larger they build their tree, the more matches they will make. Start making spreadsheets ASAP to track the matches they make. Collaborate with all your matches. Ask to view their trees. Go to their local library and see if anyone in the genealogy department can show them how to work the programs.