Tuesday, August 22, 2017

GEDmatch, Spreadsheets, and Mac Users

Thank you Tami Murphy for this information. 

Gedmatch Copying Test Results to Spreadsheets for Mac Users.

To select all and copy on triangulation:

1.  Select all use "flower/command"-A

2.  Copy use "flower/command"-C

     In your spreadsheet to:
1.  Paste use "flower/command"-V
2. Save

Happy Finding!


  1. A wonderful post on GED match, Spreadsheets, and Mac users. It is very informative and useful post. Thank you for sharing this post with all of us.

  2. I am trying to understand the directions above, using triangulations and placing in a spreadsheet. What does flower mean in these directions? Are you placing in the Mac program Numbers?

  3. Karen Trearchis, the flower is the little emblem I was told is on a Mac. On a regular PC it is using the Ctrl+A to select all, Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste. Once you do the paste expect a little circle to spin a minute or so, a message to pop up and say this isn't going to look exactly the same, say okay and it will spin some more before showing up on your spreadsheet.