Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Simple Online Search Can be a Goldmine!

Some of the most fantastic finds are the easiest.

Simply do an online search for your ancestor by providing a name, date and location. You can also add the abbreviation "obit" before the name. Be sure and read the obituary. It may not be for the person whose name you entered but the name may be listed as a survivor or as someone who preceeded them in death.

One of my favorite "goldmine" searches is using a surname and the word genealogy. Example: "Prichard Family Genealogy", "Simonton Genealogy," "McCormick Family Genealogy," This will often yeild books that are now free to download online that were written by researchers more than a hundred years ago. The frosting on the cake, many of these books also list allied lines. (Branches from the main tree.)

Have a brick wall? Try doing this and see what happens. If you have done an autosomal DNA test, you may find a whole slew of names you have been finding in your tree searches and have been wondering who the heck these people are. 

Simple can be awesome.

Happy finding!

And, I am still having a blast.

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