Friday, March 9, 2018

WikiTree: Another Bell to Whistle About! Compare

I love WikiTree.

Agreed, this single entry One-World tree can be a bit daunting at first. That’s because it has so much to offer. (And if you are challenged, there are volunteers at the ready to show you the ropes. Just ask under HELP.)

What do I mean by a single entry?

There is only one entry for an ancestor and everyone who has this ancestor in their direct line tree links to that ancestor’s profile. Think about it. When a fifth (or however distant) great-grandparent had a slew of children, the number of descendants today is going to be enormous. 

When those descendants have taken a DNA test they are listed on the right of the ancestor’s profile page. Many of these cousins have their DNA information available for comparison. (You control your own privacy settings.)  

Hannah McCormick is an example. You can see a list of everyone who has her in their tree by clicking this link.

New Compare Feature

WikiTree automatically adds your DNA information to all of the ancestor profiles in your direct line.

WikiTree has now added a new “Compare” feature for those who have linked their GEDmatch kit to their personal profile. 

A glance at your ancestor’s profile shows you when a new cousin links to this ancestor in their tree. 

When you see a list of cousins who share this ancestor you can work your way down the list comparing yourself to them. (You can also compare each of them to each other!)

Click on the word "compare" next to their GEDmatch kit number and this little window opens up:

This takes you to GEDmatch and provides a visual in blue where you match.

If DNA is a passion, you will want to find out if they are genetically linked. (Cousins are still cousins but only a few will be genetic cousins—sharing DNA.)

The new "compare" links to GEDmatch users who have made their information available. Now it is easier than ever to see WHERE on WHICH chromosome you match. Find a third cousin in the list who is not too closely related (beyond 2nd cousin) who matches on the same chromosome in the same position and you may have a Triangulated Group and be able to verify this distant relative using DNA!

(Make sure you don’t share more than one grandparent couple with your match.)

To compare with the next person in the list, click on that tiny X next to the kit number so remove the previous person from your comparison.

You might want to send a "Welcome to the Family" message to your new found relative. They are family after all. (They might have some pictures and sources to share.)

Happy Finding!

Still having a blast.

(If you have any genealogist family or friends who have done DNA tests and they just happen to have the McCormick surname, please share this post with them. There are a bunch of us looking for Hannah's parents.)


  1. I have taken the Ancestry DNA test and the 23 and me DNA test. Which would be better for me to upload to Wikitree? And I'm not sure how to download them and upload to Wikitree.

    1. You don't upload test results to WikiTree. You upload to GEDmatch, which gives your test a number, and then record that number at WikiTree. Download and upload instructions are available at GEDmatch and the various testing sites.

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